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XK045 Yamasa Kombu Tsuyu 1.8L  昆布鱼露汁
XK009 Saute Onion Dressing (Kewpie Japan) 拌炒爆香洋葱酱
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S&B Golden Curry Flakes 日式加哩块

S&B Golden Curry Flakes 日式加哩块

JAPAN 220gm x 10pkt x 60box /carton 阅读更多
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XK425 Ebara Curry Flake (HALAL) 咖喱碎
XK448 Ebara Kabayaki Sauce 1kg (HALAL) 日式蒲烧酱
XK147 Mr Sencha Japanese Green Tea (50pc) 日本产绿茶
XK064 Genmaicha Tea Bag 2gm (HALAL) 玄米茶茶包
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We supply Fresh Salmon Trout and Fresh Salmon Atlantic, freshly imported from Norway every week. We also provide professional salmon filleting service for our customer.  Customer may choose the cutting method to suit their needs: A - Salmon Fillet Cut     B- Saku Block Cut   C- Steak Cut D- Sashimi Cut Our strong point: - Professional & Experienced Chef - Fresh source of Salmon - Hygiene processing environment - Flexible choices of cutting  - Vacuum-packed  Kindly contact our sales Department for more info and reservation at:  📞012-281 2612  📞012-580 2612 阅读更多
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