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Okamura Foods Co., Ltd


In year 2018 Xenka Trading (M) Sdn Bhd is officially group under Okamura Foods Co.,Ltd. Okamura Foods Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1971. The Company's line of business includes providing canned and cured fish and seafoods. The company is continually improving as we strive to develop products that correspond to the changing desires and needs of customers.

Through the modernization of their processing operation they do their best to efficiently use seafood resources. Okamura Foods aspire to become one of the leading international food processing companies and make every effort towards reaching this goal. We believe that with the strong support from Okamura Foods, we will be able to provide customer with quality products.

Our Value Chain

We forge the value chain from the clients's perspective

1. Resources
  • Farmed salmon from Japan
  • Farmed salmon from Denmark
  • Modern aquaculture facilities of Nothern Europe standard
  • Cooperation with local communities and fisheries
  • Increasing local hiring
  • Community revitalization

2. Customize
  • Fish roe factory in Aomori, Japan
  • Seafood processing factory in Myanmar SEZ
  • Partner factory in Vietnam
  • Training Vietnamese and Burmese employees

3. Global Sales
  • Directory sales to clients
  • Having possession of distributors
  • in Asian countries
  • Participating in both domestic and international expo